The Fastest-Selling Neighborhoods in Kansas City: A Snapshot of 2023

In the vibrant real estate market of Kansas City, certain neighborhoods stand out for their lightning-fast home sales. Let's dive into the ZIP codes where properties fly off the market in 10 days or less.

Overland Park Leads the Pack

Topping the list is ZIP code 66215, renowned for its swift transactions. Homes here typically sell in just 8.48 days. Stretching across Lenexa and Overland Park, this area between Interstate 435 and Interstate 35 boasts a dynamic housing market.

Closely following is ZIP code 66210, where properties vanish in an average of 8.77 days. This ZIP code encompasses Corporate Woods and Johnson County Community College, drawing buyers with its convenience and amenities.

Southern Charm in Overland Park

Ranked third is ZIP code 66223, nestled in southern Overland Park along U.S. Highway 69. Here, homes find new owners in about 10.65 days, reflecting the allure of this picturesque neighborhood.

The Top 25 ZIP Codes

Beyond the top three, several other ZIP codes in Kansas City showcase impressive sales speed:

  • 66209: 11.26 days, featuring Leawood and parts of Overland Park
  • 66213: 11.29 days, situated in Overland Park
  • 66207: 11.59 days, spanning Overland Park and Prairie Village
  • And many more...

A Shift from 2022

Compared to the previous year, homes in Kansas City are selling slightly slower. In 2022, ZIP code 66210 claimed the top spot with homes spending an average of 6.37 days on the market.


Our analysis focuses on 130 ZIP codes in the immediate Kansas City area, each with a minimum of 10 home sales in 2023. Data provided by the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors paints a comprehensive picture of the local real estate landscape.

In a bustling market like Kansas City, these swift sales underscore the desirability and vitality of these neighborhoods, making them hotspots for both buyers and sellers alike.

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